Start March 12 to December 12

Morning offerings plus four daily prayers(0900/1200/1500/1800 hours) that will change your life.

Shema Israel
Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your Heart, and with all your soul, and with your entire mind, and with all your strength.

The Church has urged member to make a similar priestly offering every day, in union with the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day for all the intentions of your Sacred Heart, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world, in reparation for my sins, for the intentions of all my relatives and friends, and in particular for the intentions of the Holy Father. Amen.

Four prayers that will change your life[1]

All prayers are of equal importance before God, whether you are praying for patience with an excitable child or praying to make ends meet until your next paycheck. Prayer is simple and can be done any time. "I tell you, therefore, everything you ask and pray for, believe that you have it already, and it will be yours." (Mark 11:24) Believe in these words and God will bless you. He loves us and wants the best for our lives. Don't hesitate; be prepared for God to change your life for the better!

1.      What do you want of me, Lord? Knowing what God wants you to do is definitely a life-changing experience. Sometimes God wants us to do things we don't want to do (see Jonah) but in the end, He will never ask us to do something that isn't for His Glory.

2.      Reveal to me my sin, and forgive me, Father! Living without guilt is certain to change anyone's life. As humans, we make mistakes - constantly. One of God's greatest gifts is His glorious forgiveness. We don't need to live our lives in constant guilt but we do need to seek forgiveness before we can change our bad habits.

3.      Teach me to love! Love is perhaps the most amazing emotion mankind is capable of. It is also the most complex. Love has different forms and can cross several planes to include familial love, romantic love, and even cross into other aspects such as respect and kindness. Must you absolutely love your mean boss or that one finicky neighbor who always has something negative to say? In a sense, yes, you do. Without realizing it, your ungrateful boss is teaching you patience, self-control and how to love the unlovable. That rude neighbor with the passive-aggressive comments is also teaching you lessons, such as how to handle situations with respect, how to be a mature adult and how to handle difficult situations by thinking both critically and emotionally. Learning to love and respect the people in your life - including yourself, which may be the most difficult of all - can turn your world right-side-up. Imagine what you will be capable of once you learn to love!

4.      Give me strength! Life is full of struggles - whether they stem from a stressful home life, financial difficulties or social situations, God wants to heal all of these wounds. Everyone struggles with something in their lives. What's important is to remember God is always here for us to lean on and He encourages us to do so. We aren't meant to deal with negative situations alone; this is why we have priests, friends and family. We're meant to communicate the good and the bad to each other - and to lift each other up. Similarly, God wants us to know He can change your personal situation to lift your spirits and relieve your stresses. Pray for guidance, forgiveness, love and strength.

If you incorporate these prayers into your life, you will see positive changes in your being. Your perspective will shift and you'll catch glimpses of God's glory in every situation. So get out there and start praying!