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Monday, November 28, 2021

  Monday in the first week of Advent   Proverbs, Chapter 19, Verse 23 The FEAR of the Lord leads to life; one eats and sleeps free from any harm. The gift of fear of the Lord enables a person “to avoid sin and attachment to created things out of reverence and love of God.” Primarily, this gift entails a profound respect for the majesty of God who is the Supreme Being. Here, a person realizes his “creatureliness” and dependency upon God, has a true “poverty of spirit,” and never would want to be separated from God, who is love. As such, this gift arouses in the soul a vibrant sense of adoration and reverence for God and a sense of horror and sorrow for sin. This gift of fear of the Lord is sometimes misunderstood because of the word “fear.” “Fear of the Lord” is not a servile fear whereby a person serves God simply because he fears punishment, whether some sort of temporal punishment in this life or the eternal punishment of hell. A genuine relationship with God is based on lov

Sunday, November 28, 2021

  First Sunday of Advent CHANUKAH Begins at Sunset FRENCH TOAST DAY   Proverbs, Chapter 16, Verse 6 By steadfast loyalty guilt is expiated, and by the FEAR of the LORD evil is avoided.   This verse is a language of worship to express what is acceptable or not to God, so this saying uses similar language to declare that lovingly loyal conduct undoes the effects of sin. [1]   ON KEEPING THE LORD'S DAY HOLY [2]   49. Because the faithful are obliged to attend Mass unless there is a grave impediment, Pastors have the corresponding duty to offer to everyone the real possibility of fulfilling the precept. The provisions of Church law move in this direction, as for example in the faculty granted to priests, with the prior authorization of the diocesan Bishop, to celebrate more than one Mass on Sundays and holy days, the institution of evening Masses and the provision which allows the obligation to be fulfilled from Saturday evening onwards, starting at the time of First V