Start March 12 to December 12

Universal Man Plan (Phase 2) "The St. George"

This is a intermediate training plan developed in honor of St. George, the soldier saint and legendary slayer of dragons; He is the patron of England and the military. The plan works on further developing both spiritual and physical strength so you may worship God with all your soul and strength.

"Hear, O Israel: 
The Lord our God, the Lord is one;
 and you shall love the Lord your God with all your Heart,
 and with all your soul, and with your entire mind,
 and with all your strength."

Mondays Plan 

  • Pray every 3 hours using four prayers that will change your life
  • Today's exercise:
    • Cardio 5 min warm up before a strength workout
    • Stretch for 5 minutes before strength training.
    • Strength training Lower Body (rest 30-45 sec. after each exercise)
      • Gunther Hops 20 X 2
      • Super set rest then again 3X
        • Squats 8-10
        • Jump squats 20
      • Split lunges 10 reps rest again 3X
Leg Curls 4 sets  of 12, 10, 8, 6 reps
      • Calf Raises your choice 5 sets of 20, 12. 10, 6 reps
      • Triset X4
        • 20 crunches
        • 20 leg raises
        • 20 ab wheels
Tuesdays Plan
  • pray every two hours (check your posture and breathing) consider asking assistance of the nine choirs of angels
  • Today's exercise:
    • Cardio 5 min warm up before a strength workout
    • Stretch for 5 minutes before strength training.
    • Strength training Upper Body (rest 30-45 sec. after each exercise)
      • Bent Arm Pullovers 3 sets 10, 8, 6
      • Pull ups  3 sets-failure, 10, 6
      • Hang cleans 8 reps X 4 sets

      • Dips  3 sets-failure, 10, 6
      • Bench Press 4 sets-failure, 10, 6, failure

      • Push Jerks 3 sets 5 reps
      • Barbell curls 5 sets 15, 12, 10, 8, 6 reps
      • Concentration Curls 3 sets 10, 8, 6 each arm
      • Lying Triceps extension 3 sets 10, 8, 6 
      • 3 sets 5 reps
        • dumbbell arm swing 5 reps each side
    • 20 minute jog after.
    • 5 minutes of stretches for cool down
Wednesdays Plan
  • Early Morning--Pray the Shema
    • Today's exercise: Cardio Intervals (68 mins)

      • 20 minutes jog
      • 5 sets 1 min. intervals (1 min fast-1 min rest)
      • 5 min. walk
      • 3 sets 3 min. intervals (2 min fast-3 min rest)
      • 20 minutes walk
      • Afternoon--20 minutes sit before the Blessed Sacrament
    Thursdays Plan
    • Pray every 2 hours  a different day of the Novena to the Holy Face or do the rosary or spend 20 min. in adoration.
    • Today's exercise:
      • Cardio 5 min warm up before a strength workout
      • Stretch for 5 minutes before strength training.
      • Strength training Heavy Upper Body (rest 30-45 sec. after each exercise)
        • Bench Press 5 sets 5 reps
        • Squats 5 sets 5 reps
        • Power Cleans 5 sets 5 reps
        • Dips 2 sets to failure
        • Pull ups 2 sets to failure
    Fridays Plan 
    Saturdays Plan

    • Early Morning--Reflect on your week in silence for 15 minutes-What you have done well; not so well and concerns that need to be addressed then:
    • do palates workout.
    • Around noon do the roman plan based on the spa day of ancient Rome or a Mikvah .
    • Afterward examine your conscious being as completely honest with yourself and God then go to confession.

    Roman Bath

        1. Oil the body
        2. Light exercise
        3. Warm bath/massage
        4. Steam Room/drinks
        5. Hot bath/sauna
        6. cold bath
        7. massage with oils
        8. entertainment/sunbath
        9. stroll: look at art
        10. Food/drinks
        Jewish Purity[1]Mikvah
        • ·         Immersion in the mikvah has offered a gateway to purity ever since the creation of man. The Midrash relates that after being banished from Eden, Adam sat in a river that flowed from the garden. This was an integral part of his teshuvah (repentance) process, of his attempt at return to his original perfection.
        • ·         Before the revelation at Sinai, all Jews were commanded to immerse themselves in preparation for coming face to face with G‑d.
        • ·         In the desert, the famed “well of Miriam” served as a mikvah. And Aaron and his sons’ induction into the priesthood was marked by immersion in the mikvah.

        • ·         In Temple times, the priests as well as each Jew who wished entry into the House of G‑d had first to immerse in a mikvah.
        • ·         the function of mikvah is not to enhance physical hygiene. The concept of mikvah is rooted in the spiritual.
        • ·         Jewish life is marked by the notion of Havdalah: separation and distinction. On Saturday night, as Shabbat departs and the new week begins, Jews are reminded of the borders that delineate every aspect of life. Over a cup of sanctified wine, the Jew blesses G‑d who “separates between the holy and the mundane, between light and darkness, between Israel and the nations, between the seventh day and six days of labor ... . ”
        • ·         In fact, the literal definition of the Hebrew word kodesh—most often translated as “holy”—is that which is separated; segregated from the rest for a unique purpose, for consecration.
        • ·         In many ways, mikvah is the threshold separating the unholy from the holy, but it is even more. Simply put, immersion in a mikvah signals a change in status—more correctly, an elevation in status. Its unparalleled function lies in its power of transformation, its ability to effect metamorphosis.
        • ·         The mikvah personifies both the womb and the grave; the portals to life and afterlife. In both, the person is stripped of all power and prowess. In both, there is a mode of total reliance, complete abdication of control. Immersion in the mikvah can be understood as a symbolic act of self-abnegation, the conscious suspension of the self as an autonomous force. In so doing, the immersing Jew signals a desire to achieve oneness with the source of all life, to return to a primeval unity with G‑d. Immersion indicates the abandonment of one form of existence to embrace one infinitely higher. In keeping with this theme, immersion in the mikvah is described not only in terms of purification, revitalization and rejuvenation, but also, and perhaps primarily, as rebirth.

        Sundays Plan--Recreate and invite God. Celebrate Mass. Plan for next week better than this.