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Be Not Afraid-Courage for the Modern World

This is my first venture into the blogging world-so please bare with me.  I started this blog to market my first writing and which I entitled, "The Ice is nice and Chee Chee is peachy".  This blog will also be useful in developing my two books I am working on entitled "Coffee with Christ" and "Be Not Afraid-Courage for the modern world".

Over 100 years ago Roald Amundsen on March 7, 1912 announced his success in reaching the Geographic South Pole to the world.  This is the story about the construction of the South Pole Station in Antarctica in 1973-4 by Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB71), also known as the ICE Battalion, which the author was a member of.  The difficulties encountered in the construction of the station were monumental; enduring temperatures reaching 45 degrees below zero with wind chill factors reaching 80 below.  This station was comprised of a 52 foot high geodesic dome, weather balloon launch station and an observation tower fo…