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Monday, March 23, 2015

Joel, Chapter 2, Verse 21-22
21 Do not fear, O land! Delight and rejoice, for the LORD has done great things 22Do not fear, you animals in the wild, for the wilderness pastures sprout green grass. The trees bear fruit; the fig tree and the vine produce their harvest.

Reflecting on the freedoms we learned about yesterday, notice the prophet here acknowledges that God in his power has complete control over nature.  They do not fear. They are perfectly happy because nature does not have freewill and cooperates with God living their existence in accordance with their created function.  

Yet we because we were created in the image and likeness of God we have a choice.  To do good or to do evil.  Daily we must decide if we are for ourselves and pursue the things of the world or are we going to follow Christ by picking up our cross daily and freely live under the flag of Christ.

Father John Parks[1] states that the flag we choose to live under determines everything. 

He asks, “Whose flag are you under? Do we consciously choose to serve or do we just let it happen? We have a choice here and indecision is a decision itself. Who’s flag will you follow Christ’s or Satan’s. True freedom comes not from doing what you want but doing the things you were created to do.

Father John recommends we follow the flag of Christ (poverty, chastity, obedience) and not that of Satan (greed, lust, pride) by having a battle plan.

1.     Be in the state of grace at all times-Go to Mass if you fall get up go to confession.
2.     Pray-we know who we are by knowing who’s we are. Remember Saint Joseph is known as the terror of demons.
3.     Do your daily duty; there is great heroism in finishing the daily tasks.
4.     Be Humble and obey.  When you break a commandment you do not break it as much as it breaks you.
  1. Seek a community there is strength in numbers “Iron sharpens iron”.  Remember the Holy Spirit is what sets us free.

[1] John Parks, Lecture at Catholic Men’s Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, 3/21/2015.