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Monday in the Octave of Easter, April 6, 2015

Matthew, Chapter 28, verse 10
10Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me.”

Such is the mercy of Christ. He says go tell my brothers; after they all deserted Him. Such is His love. Still emptying Himself He calls them brothers. If we have a hurt or offense with anyone today let us not only forgive them but follow the example of Christ and treat them in our heart as brothers or sisters.

Image result for emmausThe Gospel of Luke, at Luke 24:13-35, records that Jesus appeared to two disciples who were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus, The Gospel places the story on the evening of the day of Jesus' resurrection. The two disciples have heard the tomb of Jesus was found empty earlier that day. They are discussing the events of the past few days when a stranger asks them what they are discussing. "Their eyes were kept from recognizing him." He soon rebukes them for their unbelief and gives them a Bible study on prophecies about the Messiah. On reaching Emmaus, they ask the stranger to join them for the evening meal. When he breaks the bread "their eyes were opened" and they recognize him as the resurrected Jesus. Jesus immediately vanishes. Cleopas and his friend then hasten back to Jerusalem to carry the news to the other disciples, and arrive in time to proclaim to the eleven who were gathered together with others that Jesus truly is alive. While describing the events, Jesus appeared again to all who were there, giving them a commission to evangelize. Then he took them out as far as Bethany and blessed them before ascending back into heaven.[1]

Today would be a good day to prepare yourself for the Feast of Divine Mercy this upcoming Sunday by taking a “Emmaus walk”. I suggest taking a hike or walk and while walking say a joyful rosary and carry with you a yellow rose praying for the person with which you need to have your heart healed over with the brotherly love of Christ. The stem symbolizes the wood of His cross; the Thorns of His crown and the bud the love of His heart. After you are done with the walk/hike take the rose to the one you prayed for or take it to the Blessed Sacrament chapel and offer it to Christ for love of your new brother or sister in Christ.