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Friday, July 3, 2015

1 Peter, Chapter 3, Verse 5-6
5 For this is also how the holy women who hoped in God once used to adorn themselves and were subordinate to their husbands; 6 thus Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him “lord.” You are her children when you do what is good and fear no intimidation.

As Christians we are not wimps. We may at times to the untrained mind appear to because we do good for others and mirror the love of Christ; but we are not unadventurous. Christians cannot be bullied to act outside of their conscience. Peter here is reminding the first century Christians of this; especially women who for all intents or purposes were considered along the same lines as property.

Women Peter advices are to be subordinate to their husbands so as to win them over if they are not Christians by their love and their reverent and chaste behavior. Being sexy is the world’s view of beauty used in most of the popular songs of today but Peter advices us to rather show the hidden character of the heart in a gentle and calm disposition (NO DRAMA QUEENS). Husbands and wives are to show honor to each other because you are joint heirs of the gift of life. Marriage is not an arrangement for mutual benefits.

Marriage is a noble commandment from God to love another; even if it hurts. Each chooses to love and honor the other even when it’s rejected; but do not be intimidated Peter advises; give love and do not give up. In a marriage there should be an air of freedom; for real love is a choice of the will rather than just a feeling and to choose one must be free. Never stop praying for each other remembering that consideration is a prerequisite of effective prayer.