Sunday, December 6, 2015

Psalm 31, verse 20:
20 How great is your goodness, Lord, stored up for those who fear you.  You display it for those who trust you, in the sight of the children of Adam.

Reviewing this verse ones wonders, what exactly does “stored up mean”.  A little research reveals that stored up means to gather or amass something.  King David is professing here that just as in the natural world there are laws that if followed lead to exponential growth so it follows that if a believer but trust in the Lord and retain a Godly fear versus the fear of man; there will be a great abundance in spiritual growth.  This growth will be so great that it will be accompanied by physical abundance, so that all may see, as stated in the verse “in the sight of the children of Adam” that God has blessed those who love and trust him.  Fear not, for God is with you!  Trust in Him as you would a mighty fortress in adversity.

Today traditionally is the Feast of Saint Nicholas and is celebrated throughout much of Europe with sweets and gifts to children.  Legend tells us that Nicholas was a man of action and used his abundance that the Lord provided him to give special protection to children and unmarried young women.  Let us find some way today to practice both the spiritual and temporal works of mercy.  Today would be a good day to do something that helps children or young unmarried women from the abundance that God has provided us.  For those who cannot share it is suggested to fast twice this week as was the practice of Saint Nicholas and give the cost of the food you would normally spend to help those in need.  From the store house of your spiritual abundance your prayers can make a difference:  pray especially for women who are enslaved in addictions and/or the sex slave trade.  Thousands of men from over 80 countries consistently pray for women lead by an online organization called “e5 men”[1].  Perhaps the Lord is calling you to this.


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