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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sirach, Chapter 26, Verse 23-25
23 A godless wife will be given to the lawless man as his portion, but a godly wife will be given to the man who fears the Lord. 24 A shameless woman wears out reproach, but a virtuous daughter will be modest even before her husband. 25 A headstrong wife is regarded as a bitch, but the one with a sense of shame fears the Lord.

Well I never thought I would hear the word “bitch” in the bible. I guess God calls it as He sees it.

Yet, as a man who has lived with four sisters (no brothers) and also has five daughters I still have to admit I have no clue into the psyche of the feminine sex. Therefore, I think the issue is more physiological then psychological. There may be a reason God has commanded men to stay away from women at certain times of the month. (Lv. 15:19-30) Solomon, the wisest of men advises, “It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop than in a mansion with a quarrelsome wife.” As men we are naturally drawn to women and we should use this time of separation from them to draw ourselves closer to our true spouse the Holy Spirit. When we are poor in spirit it is a good time to draw ourselves nearer to the Lord.

Men should be aware of the seasons of a woman’s life and plan ahead. Perhaps this is the beauty of the camping trip or the spiritual retreat. Be mindful of what is going on with the physiology of your wife. If you do you will most likely be psychologically & perhaps physiologically in a better place.

Smart men get themselves informed on women’s issues and act accordingly. There are many books out there on women’s issues. One interesting series is the “The Bible Cure” by Don Colbert, M.D. Check it out.

Be Safe!