Friday, June 17, 2016

Luke, Chapter 8, Verse 50
On hearing this, Jesus answered him, “Do not be afraid; just have faith and she will be saved.”

When we ask something of our Lord, make it big, and believe He can do it. For the measure of faith that you have determines the measure of the healing from the Lord. I remember over 40 years ago I was a young man stationed in Barbados and became involved with a Christian cult of sorts, where a small group practiced faith as a measure of power. The leader taught that as men we are created in the image of God and we have the power to create miracles if we have the faith to do it. It was explained that even evil men can tap this power provided they believe which explains why some non-Christian’s can do feats or miracles. As I evolved in Christ I drifted away from this group but still today I believe all is possible via faith. This group I was in was called, “The Way.” I did an internet search for it but could not find it but I did find an interesting Catholic resource written by Saint Jose Maria Escriva called “The Way.” “You feel a gigantic faith. He who gives you that faith, will give you the means.”

The Way[1]

The strength, the attraction of The Way is largely due to the fact that it is based on real, living experience, being the fruit of the author's work as a priest which began in 1925. The book appeared first in 1934 under the title Consideraciones espirituales and later (in 1939) received its definitive title, after being greatly expanded. Over the years, more than four and a half million copies have been sold, in 43 different languages. This is one of the main attractions of the book-its direct, conversational style, its personal and deeply human character. As a reviewer in Osservatore Romano (March 24, 1950) put it: "Msgr. Escriva de Balaguer has written something more than a masterpiece; he has written straight from the heart, and straight to the heart go the short paragraphs which make up The Way."


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