Sunday, September 18, 2016

Romans, Chapter 8, Verse 6
The concern of the flesh is death, but the concern of the spirit is life and peace.

A Christian is a person who lives life in the spirit. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that liberates us from the flesh and gives us peace and allows us to give sacrifice, forgiveness, and "confirmation in the end without crime" (1 Cor. 4.8). 

Christian Life in the Spirit[1]

In the final analysis the indwelling Spirit of God who raised Jesus will also raise us in the resurrection. So the inescapable conclusion is that we are in debt to the Spirit. We have an obligation to put to death the deeds, actions, pursuits of a person dominated by the flesh and live instead by the Spirit. A very important result of being subject to the Spirit is that one becomes a true child of God.

St. Raphael[2]

Saint Raphael is one of the three archangels mentioned in the bible in the book of Tobit. He is the angel of peace, health and joy. We should call upon his help in conquering the devils influence and overcoming the flesh. He is the angel sent by God to guide and guard, to heal and save. He is forever watchful, and tender and helpful along with our own guardian angel. When tempted call upon the help of Saint Raphael; he is more powerful than a ninja turtle.

On 3 August 1992 the following message was received from the Holy Angel Raphael:

"Coming in the Name of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ, to bring you the following message destined for all the youth of the earth.
I bring a special blessing from my Lord and Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. His love goes out to them and all who are true to Him. He calls all youth to unite into a large army at the helm my Master, the Lord Jesus Christ and his beloved mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who together will lead them to victory.
Therefore, everyone who joins this army shall carry with them a medallion, with on one side hereof the image of my Lord and Master, dressed as King, with in his left hand the sceptre and in the other hand the staff with the cross. Thereby the following writing: “Christus Vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat.” On the other side thereof must be the image of the mother of my Master, with on her arm my Master, depicted as a child. In the hand of my Master is the globe with above that the cross and the hand of the Blessed Virgin. Hereby the three titles that belong to her: “Queen of Peace, Queen of the Universe and Queen, Our Lady of All Peoples.”
This is your assignment: let these shields or medallions be made according to the description given above. After that these shields or medals must be blessed by a God-anointed. Spread them over all the earth. Of everyone who joins this army, the following is expected: with conviction of faith, pray the rosary every day and carry this rosary always with you. Attached to this rosary shall be the above described shield or medallion, so that everyone knows that my Master, the Lord Jesus Christ and his mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary stand behind them and protect them.
All who wish, can join this army under the same conditions, so that they can form a mighty army together with the youth, and so call a halt to the needless slaughter of the unborn children in the mother’s womb. They shall avoid the places where sin is openly committed against purity, and also occasions were Satanic music   plays to please their ears, because in this way is the message spread of hatred and loveless behaviour. They shall divert their eyes from all immoral depictions of the human body. All of you, join, and so stop the evil in this world.
Place this message for affirmation before the supreme shepherd of the Church of my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, so that he can give his blessing to this task. Urge also your near relatives to give their full support in fulfilling this task.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.” 

[1] The Collegeville Bible Commentary
[2] St. Michael and the Angels, Tan Books, 1983. 


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