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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Genesis, Chapter 9, Verse 2
Fear and dread of you shall come upon all the animals of the earth and all the birds of the air, upon all the creatures that move about on the ground and all the fishes of the sea; into your power they are delivered.

After the Flood that killed all the earth God gives Noah all the animals of the earth for food. Before the flood animals and humans are depicted as vegetarians. In view of the human propensity to violence, God changes the original prohibition against eating meat. However, God did not remake our bodies and many doctors will recommend a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and low in meats. We even see that while the Israelites were in the desert grumbling to Moses and God because in the desert there are few things to eat and they were hungry complaining that they missed the fleshpots of Egypt. God provided for the Israelites by giving them bread from heaven “manna” but told them only to collect enough for one day’s portion as a test of their will and trust in Him. He asks us to be content with one day’s portion, too. Yet, God’s goodness to the Israelites continued for in the evening he sent quails as meat to eat. Our Lord knowing the human condition asked the Israelites to collect a double portion on the 6th day to allow a day of rest. God gave them leisure time, but leisure time is not idle time which creates lethargy and boredom. The seventh day is a Holy Day that should be pleasurable because the rest is earned by hard work and earnest effort. Without the work the rest means nothing. Today go out to work in the Lord’s vineyard: doing all things in moderation sharing your daily bread. Take only your portion and give thanks to God. After laboring six days rest on the seventh day; go to Mass and give glory to God.

The Devil and Temptations[1]

There are many and varied ways in which sin and evil are presented to us in an attractive way.


·         Although hypnotism is now used sometimes by respectable doctors, dentists and therapists, it was linked in the past with the occult and with superstition.
·         Even when it is legitimate, there are certain real dangers that must be very carefully considered. In hypnotism, one surrenders for a time his own capacity to reason; there is a dependence of the one hypnotized on the will of the hypnotist; also, there can be unfortunate aftereffects that result from this technique.
·         Except for a very serious reason, avoid submitting to a hypnotist; never do it for the purpose of entertainment.


In our day, hard rock music played by "satanic" musical groups presents additional problems. This music often glorifies Satan and also, at times, awakens desires to commit suicide, to use drugs, and to misuse sex. The music is also known to encourage physical violence. Even hell is proposed as a desired end of life. The evil is found in the musical combination of words, rhythm and noise. Records or tapes of this kind should not be kept in the home but should be destroyed, even if they have cost a considerable amount of money. Choose the Kingdom of God!

Devil Worship

·         It goes without saying that praying to the devil, worshipping Satan, reading the Satanic bible, or taking part in a Black Mass which mocks the crucifixion of Jesus and the Eucharist are among the most serious sins that one can commit.
·         In some Satanic worship, there is at times sacrifice to Satan by a horrible killing of animals, and even the murder of human infants. The secrecy surrounding this activity enables the "Church of Satan" to obtain a certain respectability in our society. It has the same legal standing as any other church.
·         Do not be deceived; being involved in this false church is a very serious matter. Catholics who wish to repent must resign from the false religion at whatever cost, renounce Satan and their sin in all their heart, and confess this sin in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Solidarity, Humility, and Penitence[2]

“If one member suffers, all the members suffer together” (1 Cor 12:26)

"Faced with widespread and growing discomfort following new reports and revelations of very serious cases of sexual abuse involving members of the clergy, on September 12, 2018, at the end of one of the meetings of the Council of Cardinals it was announced that the Holy Father had decided to call a meeting in the Vatican for February 21-24, 2019. The meeting would be a broad approach to the theme 'The Protection of Minors in the Church. 'This is certainly a first meeting of its kind, yet it is also clearly part of the process of synodality that Pope Francis is keen to have at the heart of his plan to reform the Church. Faced with a problem that shows itself more and more present and serious in different geographical areas of the world and of the Catholic Church, the pope has ordered the highest representatives of the different ecclesial communities to give a united response at the universal level. The entire Church must choose to live in solidarity, above all with the victims, with their families and with the ecclesial communities wounded by the scandals. As the pope has written, 'If one member suffers, all the members suffer together' (1 Cor 12:26), and the commitment to protect minors has to be taken on clearly and effectively by the entire community, starting with those in the highest positions of responsibility. Speaking of sexual abuse by members of the clergy is painful and unpleasant. Sometimes, even in Church circles, one hears that it is time to change the subject, that it is not right to give too much weight to this theme, for it is becoming oppressive and overblown. But that would be the wrong road to take. If the problem is not fully confronted in all its aspects, the Church will continue to find itself facing one crisis after another, her credibility and that of all priests will remain seriously wounded, but above all, what will suffer will be the substance of her mission to proclaim the gospel and her educational work for children and young people, which for centuries has been one of the most beautiful and precious aspects of her service for humanity.”

Things to Do[3]

·         St. Peter Damian was a great reformer, often prescribing penances and fasting to lax religious. Choose a day every week, most appropriately Friday, on which you will fast and offer penances for specific intentions. Pray especially that our nation and the world will recognize the evil of homosexuality. Pray for those who are guilty of this sin.
·         Read more about St. Peter Damian at EWTN.
·         Pray the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Peter Damian revised and recommended it. Go to The Mary Page for a copy.

The Way[4] Penance

"Read these counsels slowly. Pause to meditate on these thoughts. They are things that I whisper in your ear-confiding them-as a friend, as a brother, as a father. And they are being heard by God. I won't tell you anything new. I will only stir your memory, so that some thought will arise and strike you; and so you will better your life and set out along ways of prayer and of Love. And in the end you will be a more worthy soul."

You are suffering! Listen: 'His' Heart is not smaller than ours. — You are suffering? There is good in suffering.

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