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Friday, October 30, 2020


Romans, Chapter 1, Verse 5-7

5 Through him we have received the grace of apostleship, to bring about the obedience of faith, for the sake of his name, among all the Gentiles, 6 among whom are you also, who are called to belong to Jesus Christ; 7 to all the beloved of God in Rome, called to be holy. Grace to you and PEACE from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Romans, through the Caesars, sought peace among men by the liberal use of the displays of power and majesty, using fear as a tool for total control and subjugation. This was the Pax Romana. Christ, the son of God, by His sacrifice showed the Romans another way; the true way via the church and the Precious Blood to obtain a far greater peace; peace with God and finally peace with our selves. This is the triumph of the Cross.


As a parent we can be more effective if we remember that using fear as a tool to total control and subjugation is not the way of Christ.


RULES for parents[1]

Bear in mind the following:

1.      A little child kicks and screams because he thinks, —or perhaps because he knows from experience, —that in order to avoid a scene you will give in to him and let him have what he wants. (Sounds like congress) You must prove to him that this is a mistaken idea of his. You are not going to give in.

2.      Do not get angry. Do not slap.

3.      Say firmly, "No; when you stop screaming, I will speak to you." Then leave the child alone in a safe room. Or, if he must be in the room with you, do not notice him. Keep busy with something or other.

4.      After a while, say quietly, "Little Jesus does not like screaming and kicking. He loves you and He does not want you to do that."

5.      Stop. Keep quiet. Be patient.

6.      If the child slows down at times, waits to see if you will give in, and then starts up again, do not worry. He is showing that he begins to understand. Ignore him. Finally, he will yield. He may fall asleep.

7.      Two or three performances like this will end the bad habit and establish a good one

8.      Remember: Be gentle; but be firm and consistent. Remain very calm and silent.

Fitness Friday-Start the Universal Man Plan


Recognizing that God the Father created man on Friday the 6th day I propose in this blog to have an entry that shares on how to recreate and renew yourself in strength, mind, soul and heart.

 Daily Devotions

·         Offering to the sacred heart of Jesus

·         Drops of Christ’s Blood

·         Iceman’s 40 devotion

·         Universal Man Plan

·         Operation Purity

·         Rosary

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