Principles of health care ethics

 There are four to seven pillars or principles of health care ethics. St. Joseph’s University has developed the following four:[1]:

·         Autonomy-means that the patient retains the right and control over their body.

o   Does this mean a person has the right to refuse a COVID 19 vaccine?

§  There is a movement underway to make this vaccine mandatory backed by Bill Gates who retains a large investment in vaccines and has stated “we won’t go back to normal until a vaccine has gotten out to the entire world.”[2]

·         Will they hold us down and inject?

o   I do not think so, but I can foresee powerful economic, social pressure and maybe confinement being involved.

·         Beneficence-means that you must do all you can to benefit your patient based on the situation and to do the best for your patient; treating each patient as an individual knowing what is good for one patient may not be good for another. This also includes developing your skill and facilities. 

·         Non-Maleficence-means basically “to do no harm”. This also includes doing what is right for the patient and the society at large.

·         Justice-means being fair in your medical practice and decisions; for example, with the COVID vaccine does a healthy congress person get a vaccine or your grandma.

Some sources such as the National Center for Biotechnology Information list three more pillars: Health Maximisation; Efficiency and Proportionality.

·         Health Maximisation-which weights the economic value of preventative and palliative interventions to maximize the greatest benefit at the lowest cost.

·         Efficiency-means we have a moral duty to use scarce medical resources efficiently. Don’t sell your ventilators that you stock for emergencies. To take actions that naturally lead to an increased public health.

·         Proportionality-basically means that the probable public health benefits outweigh the cost or infringement on the patients. For example, was the cost of the COVID shutdown worth the health benefits society received? This entails that hospitals must decide how much risk to take in providing healthcare while preserving healthcare workers.

These pillars are important because they give direction in the practice of medicine and help ensure that the God given rights of life, liberty and property as expressed in the declaration of Independence are protected by the establishments of men. These God given rights are established by God in a hierarchy with life first, liberty as second, and property third. This order must be followed when there is a conflict in deciding which pillar has precedence.


After reviewing these pillars, I propose the following order:


·         Life is protected by the following pillars and no other pillars should have precedence:

o   Beneficence

o   Non-Maleficence

·         Liberty

o   Justice

o   Autonomy

·         Property

o   Health Maximisation

o   Efficiency

o   Proportionality

To ignore these self-evident rights to life, liberty and property will lead us down the road to transhumanism.

To be clear, Transhumanism is a manufactured endpoint to human evolution by the year 2030[3].

·         Where reproductive and genetic control technologies serve as forms of social control.

·         Where technology promotes a Scientific Dictatorship called Scientism.

·         Where scientists are gods under the religion of Technocracy.

·         Where politicians are priests and science is politicized.

·         Where the more you separate yourself from your heart-self, the more you create something non-human.



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