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Proverbs, Chapter 8, Verse 13

[The FEAR of the LORD is hatred of evil;] Pride, arrogance, the evil way, and the perverse mouth I hate.

This is part of the discourse of wisdom where she speaks invitingly, giving a threat only in the last line. The theme of this chapter is Wisdom’s desire for intimacy with God and desire to be with human beings. Jesus, like Wisdom, calls out to people to listen to him, promises to tell them the truth, seeks disciples, invites them to a banquet, and gives them life. The truth and sincerity of wisdom are absolute because they are of divine origin. They can neither deceive nor tolerate deception. The intelligent understand and accept this. “Straight” and “crooked” in Hebrew and English are metaphors for true, trustworthy and false, deceitful. She is God’s friend and intimate and invites human beings to a similar relationship to God through her.[1]

St. Cecilia[2]

Her martyrdom probably occurred during the reign of Emperor Alexander Severus, about the year 230. In 1599 her grave was opened, and her body found in a coffin of cypress wood. It lay incorrupt, as if she had just breathed forth her soul. Since the middle Ages, Cecilia has been honored as patroness of Church music. Cecilia led a life of prayer and meditation and had vowed lifelong virginity, but a youth by the name of Valerian, relying upon the approval of her parents, hoped to marry her. When the wedding night arrived, she confided to Valerian, "There is a secret, Valerian, I wish to tell you. I have as a lover an angel of God who jealously guards my body." Valerian promised to believe in Christ if he would be enabled to see that angel. Cecilia explained how such was impossible without baptism, and Valerian consented to be baptized. After he was baptized by Pope Urban and had returned "He found Cecilia in her little room lost in prayer, and next to her the angel of the Lord was standing. When Valerian saw the angel, he was seized with great terror." The angel handed to them a bouquet of fiery red roses and snow-white lilies as a reward for Cecilia's love of chastity, a bouquet that would not wither, yet would be visible only to those who love chastity. As a further favor Valerian besought the conversion of his brother Tiburtius. Upon arriving to congratulate the newlyweds, Tiburtius was astounded by the unspeakably beautiful roses and lilies. As soon as he was informed regarding their origin, he too asked for the waters of baptism. "St. Cecilia said to Tiburtius: Today I acknowledge you as a brother-in-law, because the love of God has made you despise the idols. Just as the love of God gave me your brother as a spouse, so it has given you to me as a brother in-law."

When Almachius, the prefect, heard of the conversions, he ordered Maximus, his officer, to arrest and imprison all of them. Before being put to death, they instructed Maximus and his family, and baptized them during the night preceding execution. At dawn Cecilia roused the two brothers to struggle heroically for Christ, as the glow of morning disappeared, Cecilia called: "Arise, soldiers of Christ, throw away the works of darkness and put on the armor of light." Cecilia pursued her victory as the soldiers willingly listened, "We believe that Christ is the true Son of God, who has chosen such a servant." Led before the prefect, she professed her faith in Christ, "We profess His holy Name and we will not deny Him."

In order to avoid further show, the prefect commanded her to be suffocated in the baths. She remained unharmed and prayed, "I thank You, Father of my Lord Jesus Christ that through Your Son the fire was extinguished at my side." Beheading was next in order. The executioner made three attempts (the law prohibited more) and let her lie in her blood. She lived for three days, encouraging the poor and dedicating her home into a church.

Octave of Christ the King 

·       attend Mass daily or via EWTN or the internet

·       Mediate on the virtues of Mary (Humility, Generosity, Chastity, Patience, Temperance, Understanding/love and Wisdom. One for each day.

·       Fast doing the Daniel fast (Monday-Saturday).

·       Exercise-Universal Man Plan. 

Generosity[3] is the virtue of giving not taking. 

Generosity is giving to another person something of yours as an act of freewill, without obligation. Generosity requires an awareness of your own freedom—I choose to give this gift—and the decision to make good use of that freedom—I choose to do good. 

Although you may think first of generosity in monetary terms, often non-monetary gifts, such as time, encouragement, hope, laughter, hospitality, service, and forgiveness, may have the most value.


·       If you are giving to right a wrong then you are acting from justice, not generosity.

·       If you are giving out of a sense of obligation you are acting from reciprocity, not generosity.

·       If you are giving out of a sense of loyalty you are acting from solidarity, not generosity.

·       If you are giving out of a sense of self-interest, it is selfishness, not generosity.

·       If you are giving to someone you love, then you are acting from love, not generosity.

·       Generosity is your decision to act in opposition to hate, contempt, envy, anger, and even indifference.

·       Generosity keeps good company, as the following combinations of virtues show:

  • Generosity + courage = heroism
  • Generosity + justice = equity
  • Generosity + compassion = benevolence
  • Generosity + mercy = leniency
  • Generosity + gentleness = kindness
  1. Help when you can.
  2. Perform random acts of kindness such as these examples.
  3. Give without hope of reward and without anticipation of gratitude.
  4. Enjoy the virtue of generosity.

Daily Devotions

 ·       Unite in the work of the Porters of St. Joseph by joining them in fasting: Today's Fast: Increase in Religious and consecrated life.

·       Eat waffles and Pray for the assistance of the Angels

·       Monday: Litany of Humility

·       Drops of Christ’s Blood

·       Universal Man Plan

·       Go to Mass

·       Rosary

Today is my grandson Philip Matthew’s birthday age TWO. Philip means “friend of horses” and Matthew “gift of God”. A Charger is a war horse. I pray God will give Philip the grace to be a

“Charger of Love the Gift of God”.

Please pray for his and his father’s intentions Christopher Gabriel “Bearer of Christ with the strength of God”

May our King make use of them! El Cristo Rey!