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Saturday, March 11, 2023

 Daylight Saving Time Begins Tomorrow[1]


Daylight Savings time had begun in an effort to help save energy and provide workers with more hours of serviceable daylight during the long summer days.  Daylight Savings Time was first introduced in the U.S. in 1918.  However, it was not until 1966, when the Uniform Act was passed, that all states had to either observe DST or pass a state law to abstain.


Daylight Saving Time Begins Facts


·       Benjamin Franklin first proposed the idea of DST in 1784.  He wrote An Economical Project for the Journal of Paris, wherein he discussed the cost of oil for lamps as well as working while it was dark and sleeping while it was day.

·       Daylight Savings Time changes at 2:00 a.m.  This time is selected in an effort to provide the least amount of inconvenience to businesses and citizens.

·       Hawaii and Arizona do not use DST.  Up until 2006, Indiana only used DST in part of the state.


Daylight Saving Time Begins Top Events and Things to Do


·       Move your clocks forward 1 hour before bed on Saturday night before the Daylight-Saving Time day in March.

·       Go to bed an hour earlier Saturday night before the Daylight-Saving Time day.

·       Get outside and enjoy the extra hour of daylight.

·       Replace the batteries in the smoke alarm and carbon dioxide monitors.

·       Clean out the medicine cabinet.  Dispose of all medicines properly.


Today imagine that God came to you and said you can move back time for two hours for any moment in your life. What would you change? Think of that before going to confession.

Saturday in the Second Week of Lent


Psalm 103, Verse 11

11 For as the heavens tower over the earth, so his mercy towers over those who FEAR him. 

The earth is indeed blessed among all the planets in our solar system because of our heaven. As the heavens have made the earth a garden rich with life like so is God grace over those who are faithful and love Him. 

Never forget our Lord asked Peter if he loves Him three times.  One time for each of the times Peter denied our Lord on the eve of His crucifixion thus nullifying Peter’s denials and restoring him. Christ asks Peter with each affirmation to 1) feed His lambs 2) tend His sheep and 3) feed His sheep.  

Character is Destiny 

First Christ asked Peter if he loves Him more than the others thus establishing Peters leadership on love. Next Christ tells Peter to feed His lambs to give them a core of strength. If we wish to develop strength in ourselves and others it is imperative that we give hope, confidence, a work ethic, confidence, resilience, self-control, and courage to the lambs in our charge. 

Secondly Christ asks Peter to “tend His sheep” or that is to give a firm purpose to direct their efforts to create the Kingdom of God. 

Lastly Christ asks Peter to “Feed His sheep” by having an understanding heart and to be compassionate, faithful, merciful, tolerant, forgiving, and generous. 

How God Raises a Leader[1] (Psalm 103: 1-5)


1.     God pardons (v.3) leaders must push past shame or blame.

2.     God heals (v.3) they must become healthy and be liberated from old wounds.

3.     God redeems (v.4) they see their abilities and personality redeemed.

4.     God crowns (v.4) they are given gifts and a place to serve.

5.     God satisfies (v.5) they feel satisfied and fulfilled as they live out their role.



Natural Leadership vs. Spiritual Leadership


Natural Leader

Spiritual Leader


  1. Self-Confident
  1. Confident in God
  1. Knows Men
  1. Knows God
  1. Makes own decisions
  1. Seeks to find God’s will
  1. Ambitious
  1. Self-Sacrificing
  1. Originates own methods
  1. Finds and follows God’s methods
  1. Enjoys commanding others
  1. Servant of all
  1. Motivated by self-interest
  1. Motivated by love of God and Man
  1. Independent
  1. God-dependent
  1. Gets power through personality
  1. Empowered by the Holy Spirit
  1. Cowboy driving the herd
  1. Shepard leading the flock

 Jesus led his disciples from being natural leaders to being spiritual leaders who were not afraid of asking questions and or the answer they may get. As a result, they transformed the earth through good works and humility:


Jesus said to his disciples, "Pay attention to what I am telling you. The Son of Man is to be handed over to men." But they did not understand this saying; its meaning was hidden from them so that they should not understand it, and they were afraid to ask him about this saying.

Kidney Day[2]

Kidney Day was first celebrated in 2006 asking the above question – Are Your Kidneys Ok? The idea that there is great need to educate the world about the importance of kidney health, and reduce the impact of kidney disease and other health conditions associated with them, is what pushed the ISN and IFKF to team up and make a difference.

The goal that was established was to raise awareness of what our kidneys do and what can happen when they are not working properly. They strive to teach the risk factors and bring screening to those at risk for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Prevention is the main overall goal by teaching communities how to keep their risk factors as low as possible.

Respectfully, Kidney Day is also about donation. Transplant professionals use the day to educate people on the need for organ donation. This is a decision that if left until the last moment can be difficult and painful for families. But individuals can easily make their wishes known and in the United States can identify this on their identification. These donations can bring the joy of life back to someone who is suffering from kidney disease.

How to celebrate Kidney Day

Across the world, celebrations take different forms, from free screenings to Zumba marathons! Is your community planning an event? Celebrate by attending and learning more! Do you know what your personal risk for Chronic Kidney Disease is? If not, use this reminder to make an appointment to see your physician and find out.

According to, there are 8 golden rules for kidney health.

  • Keep regular control of your blood sugar. About 50% of people with Diabetes will develop kidney damage. Make sure you are doing all you can to stay in control!
  • Keep fit and active. Staying active helps in many areas to keep your kidneys healthy as well as promotes positive mood and weight loss.
  • Eat healthy and keep your weight in check. Making good food choices will go hand in hand with staying active to reduce weight and encourage good health.
  • Water, water, water! Keeping hydrated is good for your skin as well as your kidneys. Staying hydrated flushes, the toxins out of the kidneys and reduces the chance of kidney stones.
  • No Smoking! Smoking is bad in many ways, but for the kidneys, the chance of developing cancer in them increases by 50% for smokers.
  • Stay away from over-the-counter medicine for chronic issues. Many over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen can harm your kidneys if taken regularly. It is ok to take for emergencies, but see a physician if you are having chronic pain for options that will not cause harm.

Celebrate Kidney Day by learning more about your kidneys and how to keep them healthy and happy for years to come!

Fitness Saturday-chronic kidney disease


I Just found out from my doctor that I have chronic kidney disease. So here is my plan. 

·       Exercise. Focus on daily exercise which includes 20 minutes of cardio followed by 20 minutes resistance training using a modified Universal Man Plan.

o   The morbidity and mortality associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are primarily caused by atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, which may be in part caused by inflammation and oxidative stress. Aerobic exercise and resistance training have been proposed as measures to combat obesity, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, and progression of CKD.[3]

·       Cold Therapy. Inflammatory cytokines play a pivotal role in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and innovative non-pharmacological therapies aimed at limiting cytokine production are highly warranted. Recently, our group showed that healthy volunteers trained in an intervention developed by 'Iceman' Wim Hof were able to voluntarily attenuate the pro-inflammatory response during experimental human endotoxemia (a model of systemic inflammation elicited by administration of lipopolysaccharide [LPS] in healthy volunteers). Subjects trained in the intervention exhibited profound increases in plasma adrenaline levels, a rapid increase of an anti-inflammatory cytokine and subsequent attenuation of the pro-inflammatory response.[4]                                                

o   Wim Hof Method-Free Mini Course

·       Eat less Meat. Plan to eat 60/20/20. 60% fruits and vegetables. 20% fats. 20% protein. (Note: protein is hard on kidneys)[5]

o   Eat Fish[6]

o   Make Soup[7]Catholic Recipe: Monastery Soup

·       Have a drink. The link between the quantity consumed per drinking day and getting CKD was U-shaped. Those who had about five or more drinks per drinking day had risk levels about as high non-drinkers. Similar categories of quantity per drinking day were examined. The risks of CKD were lower in the four to seven drinking days per week group than in the one to three drinking days per week group.[8]


·       Daily Rosary. Prayer can provide multiple beneficial effects, such as reduction of mortality in patients with bloodstream infections, reduction of anxiety, and depression and better physical functioning.[9]

·       Sleep 7-8 hours. "Short sleep and fragmented sleep are significant yet unappreciated risk factors for chronic kidney disease progression," said study author Dr. Ana Ricardo, of the University of Illinois at Chicago.[10]

Catechism of the Catholic Church



Chapter 2 “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.



2528 "Everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Mt 5:28).

2529 The ninth commandment warns against lust or carnal concupiscence.

2530 The struggle against carnal lust involves purifying the heart and practicing temperance.

2531 Purity of heart will enable us to see God: it enables us even now to see things according to God.

2532 Purification of the heart demands prayer, the practice of chastity, purity of intention and of vision.

2533 Purity of heart requires the modesty which is patience, decency, and discretion. Modesty protects the intimate center of the person.

Daily Devotions

·       Unite in the work of the Porters of St. Joseph by joining them in fasting: Today's Fast: End Sex Trafficking, Slavery

·       Saturday Litany of the Hours Invoking the Aid of Mother Mary

·       Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

·       Total Consecration to St. Joseph Day 25

·       Offering to the sacred heart of Jesus

·       Make reparations to the Holy Face

·       Drops of Christ’s Blood

·       Iceman’s 40 devotion

·       Universal Man Plan

[1]John Maxwell, The Maxwell Leadership Bible







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