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Thursday, April 2, Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Zephaniah, Chapter 3, verse 7
Image result for Mass of the Lord’s Supper7I said, “Surely now you will fear me, you will accept correction; They cannot fail to see all I have brought upon them.” Yet the more eagerly they have done all their corrupt deeds.

It has been said that money is the root of all evil. Yet, this is not exactly true for the real root of all evil is not money but the LOVE of money.

Those who fear the Lord know that money is a gift from God. It is not to be buried but sown. This is the correction that God wishes us to accept. We are all sowers and we are to spread the seeds or gifts that God gives us out. Does God need a tithe from us? Or Does God need our hearts free from the love of money? Do not make my house a marketplace. For love of money or the lust for money is what corrupts men not the money itself.

Tonight we commemorate the Last Supper of Christ. It was the love of money that prompted Judas’ betrayal of Jesus.  It was the love of self that prompted Peter’s betrayal of Jesus. Christ’s sacrifice was made to make us a FAMILY. Forget About Me; I Love You is an easy way to remember how our hearts should be formed.

Christ asks the apostles and us to trust Him. He asks us to handover everything to Him and have faith in Him; handing over not only our wealth to Him, but our very selves: So that we may also to rise with Him on the third day.