Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Micah, Chapter 7, verse 17
17They will lick the dust like a snake, like crawling things on the ground; They will come quaking from their strongholds; they will tremble in fear of you, the LORD, our God.

Micah’s name means “who is like Yahweh”. Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10) Today during Holy Week, on this day the gospels are silent.

Let us this day practice silence as much as possible and contemplate on our God and Savior.  Say the Shema Yisrael and call on the Holy Spirit to make this day a turning point in your life.

Image result for true menAsk the Holy Spirit to help you realize the universe is more than what we can see, touch and feel. We are not crawly things and we need not build strongholds.  May our fear, be the Holy fear, of men of God.  This day let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us to know God is without limitations. Help us in the quiet of this day to realize that Jesus Christ, the begotten son of the Living God, came to Jerusalem this week to have mercy on me a sinner.

In our silence, we may this day discover, we are a useless servant yet we are chosen for love[1] by an all-powerful God who chose to become man to suffer the pains of this week in our stead and to save us not only from damnation but to show us how to live and be true men.

[1] Larry Baumann, The excitement of the spiritual Life.