Friday, May 22, 2015

Image result for so his mercy towers over those who fear him.Psalm, Chapter 103, Verse 11
11 For as the heavens tower over the earth, so his mercy towers over those who fear him.

(Novena to the Holy Spirit)

The earth is indeed blessed among all the planets in our solar system because of our heaven. As the heavens have made the earth a garden rich with life like so is God over those who are faithful and love Him.

In today’s gospel our Lord asks Peter if he loves Him three times.  One time for each of the times Peter denied our Lord on the eve of His crucifixion thus nullifying Peter’s denials and restoring him. Christ asks Peter with each affirmation to 1) feed His lambs 2) tend His sheep and 3) feed His sheep.  I see a connection between Christ’s institution of Peter’s leadership and our book study of leadership in Character is Destiny.[1]

First Christ asks Peter if he loves Him more than the others thus establishing Peters leadership on love (Mother Theresa). Next Christ tells Peter to feed His lambs to give them a core of strength. If we wish to develop strength in ourselves and others it is imperative that we give hope, confidence, a work ethic (industry), confidence, resilience, self-control and courage to the lambs in our charge.

Secondly Christ asks Peter to “tend His sheep” or that is to give a firm purpose to direct their efforts to create the Kingdom of God. In our book study likewise over the next six weeks we will be examining people who best portrait the traits of idealism, responsibility, diligence, righteousness, cooperation and citizenship.

Lastly Christ asks Peter to “Feed His sheep” by having an understanding heart and to be compassionate, faithful, merciful, tolerant, forgiving and generous which we will study in the following weeks.

Today we will be looking at the idealism of Sojourner Truth who was a slave who became an abolitionist and a women’s rights activist. Sojourner Truth was born Isabella Baumfree in 1797 in Ulster County, New York. Sojourner’s first spoken language was Dutch which caused her a great deal of suffering when her ownership as a slave was transferred to an English speaking master that took rods heated to beat her with because she couldn’t speak English.  The scars from this beating stayed with her till her death. Eventually Isabella was freed by the efforts of Quakers and a kindly Dutch family (Van Wagener) who hated slavery.  Eventually Isabella changed her name to Sojourner Truth after God told her to and took up a wandering ministry where her ideals on freedom as a religious and oppressed former slave and woman were put to test.

[1] McCain, John and Salter, Mark. (2005) Character is destiny. Random House, New York


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