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Monday, December 28, 2015 Feast of the Holy Innocents

Psalms, Chapter 128, verse 1
Blessed are all who fear the LORD, and who walk in his ways.

Those who fear the Lord work to not react to their feelings but act from the principle of God’s unconditional love to empower others even at personal cost.  They practice the three cardinal virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.  The act of blessing works both ways and bless’ all; both those who receive and those who give.

Today is also the Feast of the Holy Innocents who were killed by Herod in his search to kill the baby King who was born in Bethlehem. 

What persons are like Herod?  

According the 1896 edition of Goffine's Devout Instructions all those who destroy children, in body or in soul.  For example unmanly men who are cruel to their wives while with child, who strike them, incite them to anger, or terrify them; heedless parents who neglect their little ones, who do not take pains to keep them clean and healthy; those corrupt and godless women who destroy the fruit of their shame either before or after birth, and while yet unbaptized.  But more cruel than all these, and even than Herod himself, are they who scandalize little children by impure conversations, by indecent songs, by acts of impurity in their presence, or by inciting them to the like; for thereby they plunge the souls of the children into destruction.

Also, today is customarily a feast for the youngest member of the family and/or youth in general because on this day it was the little ones which shed their blood for Christ.  In addition the church today rejoices and bless' choirboys and students.

Today is traditionally the third day of Christmas and the Three French Hens from the song The 12 days of Christmas represent the three cardinal virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.  Let us talk to the Lord today and ask Him how we are doing in these three virtues and how we may improve in them.

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