Wednesday, January 18, 2017

 Genesis, Chapter 42, Verse 18
On the third day Joseph said to them: “Do this, and you shall live; for I am a God-fearing man.

Joseph (coat of many colors) is a God fearing man, even when he was in prison he was free because he never esteemed anything above God; never forgetting God’s love and goodness. Knowing that a person becomes as great or small and inferior as the things he loves and values. When a person looks only for worldly satisfactions, they become blind to the gentle loving presence of the creator. One who seeks only pleasure, ease honor or profit is a worldling, that is, he lives only for this life. Gradually he becomes a slave of his earthly desires, so that he cannot even think of God. He will believe in Heaven to late—when he finds its gates forever closed to him.[1]

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity[2]

The theme “Reconciliation—the Love of Christ Compels Us” celebrates the irrevocable reconciliation that we have received through faith in Jesus Christ. Christ's love becomes the driving force that moves us beyond our division toward acts of reconciliation. Through psalms and songs we gather in Jesus’ name in praise of God’s wondrous deeds. We confess our sins of division and make our plea for forgiveness. The proclamation of the Word highlights the reconciling action of Christ as “One who died for all” (v. 14). The faithful respond to this good news by accepting the call to be ministers of reconciliation.

Day One: Because Jesus died for all, all have died with him (2 Cor 5:14). In dying with Christ our old way of life becomes a thing of the past and we enter into a new form of existence: abundant life—a life in which we can experience comfort, trust and forgiveness, even today—a life which continues to have meaning even after death. This new life is life in God.

Let us pray for a spirit of harmony, in our families, in our faith and in our country! Seek and extend healing and forgiveness. The greatest way to do this is to control the sins of the tongue.

[1] Paone, Anthony J., Our Daily Bread, 1954.


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