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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Judith, Chapter 5, Verse 23
“We are not afraid of the Israelites,” they said, “for they are a powerless people, incapable of a strong defense.

Such is the mindset of bullies. I remember as a child I got my first lesson in why one should avoid such mentalities. As a child we had a rough and tumble playground and mayhem during recess was the order of the day. As a child during recess one needed to run and make up for all the mind numbing instructions of our dedicated teachers. One such game was called North and South. In this game we would line up and charge each other and attack. The North I joined and we all lined up for the melee. Almost as one all at once we started running and they started running as we came closer I got a little frighten but then I sighted a little guy that looked pretty powerless and came on strong. As I was about to knock him down and trample or tackle him when suddenly he grabbed my wrist and using my weight and energy swung me around three times and then let me fly. I landed hard and crumpled in the dust. Lesson learned don’t be a bully or underestimate the powerless.

Today is world refugee day and today just like in Judith’s time the Israelite's refused to be a refugee and stood their ground; just like the little guy that used my own energy and power to defeat me even though I was twice his size. Israel was different for they knew that if they were faithful to God; ultimately they would win the war.


If you’re being bullied

Speak up – Tell someone what’s happening – your parents, an older brother or sister, your grand- parents, teacher, school chaplain, a friend
Chin up – Don’t let the bullies see you’re upset. But be careful about taking them on, as you could be injured (or accused of being a bully yourself)
Join up – Don’t believe that everyone is against you. It’s not true. Persevere with making your own friends.

If you know someone who’s being bullied

Speak up – Don’t let someone suffer because you won’t do the right thing. If you can’t challenge the bully, tell a responsible adult
Link up – Talk to your friends about what’s going on. Agree that you won’t stand idly by. Unity is strength
Meet up – Show your support for the person being bullied. Include her/him in your activities. Give them a chance.

Daily Devotions/Prayers

·         Drops of Christ’s Blood
·         Novena to the Sacred Heart

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