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Romans, Chapter 8, Verse 19-21
19 For creation awaits with eager expectation the revelation of the children of God; 20 for creation was made subject to futility, not of its own accord but because of the one who subjected it, in hope 21 that creation itself would be set free from slavery to corruption and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God.

God desires your freedom from corruption therefore look to Christ and his mother Mary.

When Mary was three years old — so we are told by tradition — her parents presented her in the temple, where she remained for the next few years, together with other young children from the first families (she was a princess of the royal house of David). These girls, while serving God, learned to spin, weave, and embroider the vestments and curtains around the temple. Helping to take care of the many priests on duty, they also learned to prepare food. They had to read long passages from Holy Scriptures, like the Book of Psalms; and they had to learn by heart parts of the Prophets and Proverbs. Thus, long before the angel talked to Mary, she knew of the tragic life and the cruel death predicted for the Messiah. Every year on the twenty-first of November, when we celebrate the feast of the Presentation, the Church draws our thoughts to that part of Mary's life.[1]

Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary[2]

THE Blessed Virgin was presented in the temple at Jerusalem by her pious parents, Joachim and Ann, there to be educated in the service and the law of the Lord in order that she might be guarded against the defilements of the world. From this we learn:

1. Joachim and Ann offered to the Lord their only and most beloved child and gave her up entirely to His service. Great as the sacrifice was, they yet made it. The preservation of the innocence of their daughter was to them above all else. Parents, God requires of you that you should not merely offer your children to Him in the temple, but that you should take care to keep them pure and holy, as living temples which have been consecrated in Baptism.

Mary gives and dedicates herself to God as soon as she is capable of serving Him, and that without any reservation, for all time, and irrevocably.

·         When, then, shall we give ourselves in earnest to God? True, we have been given to Him in holy Baptism, we have been consecrated as His temples, we have renounced the devil and the world, we have vowed to live only for God, and this vow we have, perhaps, often renewed; but have we kept it?
·         What we gave with one hand have we not taken it away with the other? Have we not denied the temple of our hearts by shameful lusts, lived for the world and vanity more than for God? Ah, when shall we give ourselves up to God sincerely and forever? Perhaps when we are old! But will God accept our offering then?
·         Will He be pleased that we begin to serve Him only when we can no longer serve the world? That we first begin to live for Him when our life is soon to cease? No; God is a jealous Lord and is not pleased with a heart divided between Him and creatures. He requires us to love Him with all our heart and all our soul, and to serve Him with all our powers. Let us, then, do this, and do it from our youth; let us keep ourselves in body and soul undefiled for the Lord; such love, and such love only, will He reward as perfect.

Things to Do[3]

·         Meditate on the mystery of Mary's temporary dwelling in the sanctuary of the Old Covenant as a preparation for the approaching season of Advent.
·         Locate the order of contemplative nuns closest to you and visit their monastery (you may want to request their prayers and you might consider supporting them financially), they are the privileged souls who, by the grace of their vocation, are even here below dwellers in the house of the Lord.
·         Spend 30 minutes reading the Bible.
·         Learn more about Mary in the Byzantine Liturgy and say one of the beautiful prayers of the Eastern liturgy in honor of Mary.

World Television Day[4]

World Television Day celebrates the daily value of television as a symbol of communication and globalization. Television is one of the single greatest technological advances of the 20th century, serving to educate, inform, entertain and influence our decisions and opinions.  It is estimated that approximately 90% of homes around the world have televisions; however, with the introduction of internet broadcasting, the number is declining in favor of computers. World Television Day was proclaimed by the United Nations in 1996. It is celebrated annually on November 21.

World Television Day Facts & Quotes

·         TV stimulates the economy by providing countless avenues for jobs. Over 1.2 million people in the European Union alone are employed in the media sector
·         In France, 63% of children between the age of 0 and 15 live in a household with 4 screens (TV, computer, tablet etc.).
·         Television creates authority. When something is shown on TV it has a particular authority about it because you know that you and millions of other people are seeing it and that professionals have produced it.
·         In Canada, nearly 95% of people aged 18-34 watch TV each month, which results in 12 and a half hours of weekly TV watching.
·         Television is a medium because anything well done is rare. - Fred Allen, American comedian and radio show host

Donate to catholic Television today if you can!

The Way[5] Heart

"Read these counsels slowly. Pause to meditate on these thoughts. They are things that I whisper in your ear-confiding them-as a friend, as a brother, as a father. And they are being heard by God. I won't tell you anything new. I will only stir your memory, so that some thought will arise and strike you; and so you will better your life and set out along ways of prayer and of Love. And in the end you will be a more worthy soul."

   You give me the impression that you are carrying your heart in your hands, as if you were offering goods for sale. Who wants it? If it takes no creature's fancy, you will come and give it to God. Do you think that is how the saints acted?

Daily Devotions
·         Drops of Christ’s Blood

Is this the discovery of the science of the Eucharist?

[2]Goffine’s Devout Instructions, 1896.

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