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Among the ways we have just let Coach Vince Lombardi inspire us, let's focus on the most important one: He went to Mass and received Communion every day of his life. Pope John Paul II said the Holy Eucharist "contains the Church's entire spiritual wealth: Christ Himself."

Precisely during a time when our culture was becoming disconnected from their True Source, Vince Lombardi remained firmly and wholly connected to his. No matter what Lombardi dedicated himself to, he never abandoned his true self as a child of God and devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. More than anything, he understood the necessity of receiving God's Divine Life, as he brought himself, daily, to the altar of our Lord to receive him - body, blood, soul, and divinity - as the real source of power in his life. This was where his energy, his very life came from. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said, "As a man must be born before he can begin to lead his physical life, so he must be born to lead a Divine Life. That birth occurs in the Sacrament of Baptism. To survive, he must be nourished by Divine Life; that is done in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist."

There is no other authentic way to strive for perfection. Lombardi recognized this as the superior ideal that must never be abandoned, but interwoven into all of our pursuits, whether it is as a businessman or parent or professor or coach.

Vince Lombardi lived profoundly by God at the exact time our culture was unraveling and when it was all too easy to abandon God (as it continues to be today). How easy it was (and is) for so many to follow the crowd through the wide gate (Mt 7:13) of the many fads and trends of immorality, self-gratification, and anti-authority in the 1960s and up to today. Lombardi is yet another reminder that the real heroes of every age are those brave souls who courageously accept the challenge of integrity by ignoring the trends of their times while remaining true to themselves, even if it means being a signum cui contradicetur, a sign of contradiction, in the world (Lk 2:34). (Excerpt from Church Militant Field Manual).
Choose either:
  1. Rosary of the Day: Joyful Mysteries
  2. Traditional 54 Day Rotation: Glorious Mysteries


Prayer before the recitation: Sign of the cross. Hail Mary.

In petition (first 27 days): Hail, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, my Mother Mary, hail! At thy feet I humbly kneel to offer thee a Crown of Roses, full-blown white roses, tinged with the red of the passion, to remind thee of thy glories, fruits of the sufferings of thy Son and thee, each rose recalling to thee a holy mystery, each 10 bound together with my petition for a particular grace. O Holy Queen, dispenser of God's graces, and Mother of all who invoke thee! Thou canst not look upon my gift and fail to see its binding. As thou receivest my gift, so wilt thou receive my petition; from thy bounty thou wilt give me the favor I so earnestly and trustingly seek. I despair of nothing that I ask of thee. Show thyself my Mother!

In thanksgiving (last 27 days):Hail, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, my Mother Mary, hail! At thy feet I gratefully kneel to offer thee a Crown of Roses full blown white roses, tinged with the red of the passion, to remind thee of thy glories, fruits of the sufferings of thy Son and thee each rose recalling to thee a holy mystery; each ten bound together with my petition for a particular grace. O Holy Queen, dispenser of God s graces, and Mother of all who invoke thee! thou canst not look upon my gift and fail to see its binding. As thou receivest my gift, so wilt thou receive my thanksgiving; from thy bounty thou bast given me the favor I so earnestly and trustingly sought. I despaired not of what I asked of thee, and thou hast truly shown thyself my Mother.

Say: The Apostles' Creed, Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be.

For each of the following Mysteries, say: Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be.

The Resurrection - Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be.

Concluding Prayer: I bind these full-blown roses with a petition for the virtue of faith and humbly lay this bouquet at thy feet.

The Ascension - Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be.

Concluding Prayer: I bind these full-blown roses with a petition for the virtue of hope and humbly lay this bouquet at thy feet.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit - Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be.

Concluding Prayer: I bind these full-blown roses with a petition for the virtue of charity and humbly lay this bouquet at thy feet.

The Assumption of Mary - Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be.

Concluding Prayer: I bind these full-blown roses with a petition for the virtue of union with Christ and humbly lay this bouquet at thy feet.

The Coronation of the Blessed Mother - Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be.

Concluding Prayer: I bind these full-blown roses with a petition for the virtue of union with thee and humbly lay this bouquet at thy feet.

Say: The Hail Holy Queen.

Spiritual Communion: My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.

In petition (first 27 days): Sweet Mother Mary, I offer thee this spiritual communion to bind my bouquets in a wreath to place upon thy brow. O my Mother! Look with favor upon my gift, and in thy love obtain for me (specify request, see below). Hail Mary ...

In thanksgiving (last 27 days): Sweet Mother Mary, I offer thee this Spiritual Communion to bind my bouquets in a wreath to place upon thy brow in thanksgiving for (specify request, see below) which thou in thy love hast obtained for me. Hail, Mary, etc.

PETITION: For the protection and provision for the USA and the world. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

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Ember Saturday



Psalm 56, Verse 12

In God I trust, I do not FEAR. What can man do to me?


Beset physically and psychologically, the psalmist maintains a firm confidence in God. Nothing will prevent the psalmist from keeping the vow to give thanks for God’s gift of life.[1]


The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was founded to wage psychological warfare against the enemies of the United States.


Psychological Warfare and the New World Order[2]


America is at war. But this not a conventional war waged with tanks, battleships and planes in conventional battlefields —at least not yet. It is a secret, insidious type of war whose battleground is the people’s minds. Its main weapons are propaganda and mass brainwashing by disinformation, cunning, deception and lies in a large scale not used against the people of any nation since Nazi Germany.


Though important, however, those elements are just part of a series of carefully planned and executed long and short-term psychological warfare operations. In synthesis, it is a psychological war —a PSYWAR.


If an unfriendly foreign power had carried out against the American people the actions carried out by Wall Street bankers, Oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporations entrenched at the Council on Foreign Relations and its parasite organizations, we might well have considered it an act of war.


Unfortunately, most Americans ignore that they are under attack. The reason is because, like Ninja assassins, the main weapon used by the conspirators who have managed to infiltrate and take control of the U.S. Government and most of American life has been their invisibility. For almost a century, these small groups of conspirators have been waging a quiet, non-declared war of attrition against the American people, and it seems that they are now ready for the final, decisive battle. Unfortunately, as the last two presidential elections showed, the brainwashed American people reacted by changing the puppets, leaving the puppet masters untouched and in control.


Psychological Warfare in Post-Christianity[3]

In the 1954 book Psychological Warfare Paul Linebarger outlines the war for the mind and soul of mankind. Linebarger describes some of the special characteristics of ideological warfare, namely that the enemy must not only be defeated, but converted. He points to the wars of Islamic conquest to define two main techniques:

1.      First, conversion by force. “A people can be converted from one faith to the other if given the choice between conversion and extermination, stubborn individuals being rooted out. To effect the initial conversion, participation in the public ceremonies and formal language of the new faith must be required. Sustained counterintelligence must remain on the alert against backsliders, but formal acceptance will become genuine acceptance if all public media of expression are denied the vanquished faith.”

2.      The second solution, though slower, leads to the same outcome: the consignment of the old faith to the private sphere:

“If immediate wholesale conversion would require military operations that were too extensive or severe, the same result can be affected by toleration of the objectionable faith, combined with the issuance of genuine privileges to the new, preferred faith. The conquered people are left in the private, humble enjoyment of their old beliefs and folkways; but all participation in public life, whether political, cultural, or economic, is conditioned on acceptance of the new faith. In this manner, all up-rising members of the society will move in a few generations over to the new faith in the process of becoming rich, powerful, or learned; what is left of the old faith will be a gutter superstition, possessing neither power nor majesty.”

“These two rules worked once in the rise of Islam. They were applied again by Nazi overlords during World War II, the former in Poland, the Ukraine and Byelorussia, the latter in Holland, Belgium, Norway and other Western countries. The rules will probably be seen in action again. The former process is difficult and bloody, but quick; the latter is as sure as a steamroller. 

If Christians, or democrats, or progressives — whatever free men may be called — are put in a position of underprivilege and shame for their beliefs, and if the door is left open to voluntary conversion, so that anyone who wants to can come over to the winning side, the winning side will sooner or later convert almost everyone who is capable of making trouble. (In the language of Vilfredo Pareto, this would probably be termed “capture of the rising elite”; in the language of present day Marxists, this would be described as “utilization of potential leadership cadres from historically superseded classes”; the language of practical politics, it means “cut in the smart boys from the opposition, so that they can’t set up a racket of their own.”)

When I give talks on The Benedict Option, people often ask me to explain why I am so dark about the future for orthodox Christians in the West. The idea of persecution seems far-fetched and paranoid to them. I tell them that I too consider persecution unlikely in the near term, at least. In the book, I quote the then-abbot of the Norcia monastery as saying that faithful orthodox (that is to say, traditionalist) Christians who don’t do something like the Benedict Option aren’t going to make it through what’s to come. Maybe he meant persecution, but I think it more likely he was talking about this phenomenon Linebarger describes. That’s what I think is far more likely to happen than any direct persecution. But the result will be the same: the widespread loss of the Christian faith. The reader who sent that to me says he “keeps [my] Christian identity quiet among [my] educated peers, for precisely the reasons of social disgrace and heresy implied above.” If you, your family, and your church are not preparing for resisting this, you are going to be steamrolled. You don’t have forever to decide, either.

Our Lady of La Salette

On September 19, 1846, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat on the mountain of La Salette, France. After thorough investigation the Catholic Church gave approval to the message and secret of La Salette as written by Melanie. The account was published in Lecce on November 15, 1879 with the imprimatur of Bishop Zola of Lecce. Mary's message was much the same as at Fatima, "If my people do not wish to submit themselves, I am forced to let go of the hand of my Son. It is so heavy and weighs me down so much I can no longer keep hold of it." She lamented with tears those who do not keep Sunday holy and who take the name of the Lord in vain. She indicated that if men did not stop offending Our Lord the potato crop would fail. She gave Maximin his secret which he never revealed. She then turned to Melanie and gave her a secret which Melanie revealed 30 years later only to the Holy Father, who gave orders that it was never to be revealed.

 St. Raphael[4] 

Saint Raphael is one of the three archangels mentioned in the bible in the book of Tobit. He is the angel of peace, health and joy. We should call upon his help in conquering the devils influence and overcoming the flesh. He is the angel sent by God to guide and guard, to heal and save. He is forever watchful, and tender and helpful along with our own guardian angel. When tempted call upon the help of Saint Raphael; he is more powerful than a ninja turtle. 

Saint Raphael Appearances 

On 3 August 1992 during the morning prayers I received the following message from the Holy Angel Raphael. The Holy Raphael spoke:

"Coming in the Name of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ, to bring you the following message destined for all the youth of the earth.

I bring a special blessing from my Lord and Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. His love goes out to them and all who are true to Him. He calls all youth to unite into a large army at the helm my Master, the Lord Jesus Christ and his beloved mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who together will lead them to victory.

Therefore, everyone who joins this army shall carry with them a medallion, with on one side hereof the image of my Lord and Master, dressed as King, with in his left hand the sceptre and in the other hand the staff with the cross. Thereby the following writing: “Christus Vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat.” On the other side thereof must be the image of the mother of my Master, with on her arm my Master, depicted as a child. In the hand of my Master is the globe with above that the cross and the hand of the Blessed Virgin. Hereby the three titles that belong to her: “Queen of Peace, Queen of the Universe and Queen, Our Lady of All Peoples.”

This is your assignment: let these shields or medallions be made according to the description given above. After that these shields or medals must be blessed by a God-anointed. Spread them over all the earth. Of everyone who joins this army, the following is expected: with conviction of faith, pray the rosary every day and carry this rosary always with you. Attached to this rosary shall be the above described shield or medallion, so that everyone knows that my Master, the Lord Jesus Christ and his mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary stand behind them and protect them.

All who wish, can join this army under the same conditions, so that they can form a mighty army together with the youth, and so call a halt to the needless slaughter of the unborn children in the mother’s womb. They shall avoid the places where sin is openly committed against purity, and also occasions were Satanic music   plays to please their ears, because in this way is the message spread of hatred and loveless behavior. They shall divert their eyes from all immoral depictions of the human body. All of you, join, and so stop the evil in this world.

Place this message for affirmation before the supreme shepherd of the Church of my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, so that he can give his blessing to this task. Urge also your near relatives to give their full support in fulfilling this task.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.” 

Ember Saturday of September-Commemoration of Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles (both of which occur in the Jewish calendar around this time), two important foreshadowing’s of the Christ event.[5] The church reminds us of the profound importance of total conversion. 


St. Januarius[6] 

Little is known about St. Januarius. He was Bishop of Benevento in Campania. He died near Naples, about the year 305, martyred under the persecution of Emperor Diocletian. Around the year 400 the relics of St. Januarius were moved to Naples, which honors Januarius as a patron saint. He supposedly protected Naples from a threatened eruption of the volcano Mt. Vesuvius. The "miracle of Januarius" has world-wide fame. At least three times a year—on his feast day, December 16 and the first Sunday of May—the sealed vial with congealed blood of the saint liquifies, froths and bubbles up. This miraculous event has occurred every year, with rare exceptions. Popular tradition holds that the liquefaction is a sign that the year will be preserved from disasters. (In 1939, the beginning of World War II, the blood did not bubble up.) 

Things to Do: 

·         Find out more about this "miracle of Januarius", including pictures.

·         Have an Italian dinner.

·         If you live close to New York city you can participate in The Feast of San Gennaro celebrated in lower Manhattan.

·         Read more about St. Januarius at EWTN. 

35 Promises of God[7] cont. 

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff comfort me.”
-Ps 23:4

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