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 Life First[1] 9 Days for Life

9 Days for Life is a "digital pilgrimage" of prayer and action focused on cherishing the gift of every person's life. A multi-faceted novena highlighting a different intention each day provides reflections, bonus information, and suggested actions. Join to receive the novena through the 9 Days for Life app, daily emails, or daily texts. See below for information on how else you can get involved! #9DaysforLife #OurPrayersMatter


Day Two

Intercession: May all people embrace the truth that every life is a good and perfect gift and is worth living. 

Prayers: Our Father, 3 Hail Mary’s, Glory Be 

Reflection: At every stage and in every circumstance, we are held in existence by God’s love. The presence of an illness, disability, or other challenging circumstance never diminishes the value of a human life. For God does not call us to perfection of appearance or abilities, but to perfection in love. Christ invites us to embrace the lives we have been given, for as long as they are given, as true gifts. Our relationships on this earth are meant to help us grow in God’s perfect love. Everyone we encounter is a gift, not because of what they can do or accomplish, but because of who they are—a beloved child of God. May each of us experience the power of God’s transforming love, that our eyes may be opened to the incredible beauty of the people the Lord places in our lives. 

Acts of Reparation (Choose one.)

·        Take a break from television, movies, and social media today. Consider spending some of that time reflecting on today’s message.

·        Pray the short prayer “Every Life is Worth Living,” reflecting on how you can bring Christ’s love to others today. (The prayer is also available at

Heavenly Father, thank you
for the precious gift of life.

Help us to cherish and protect
this gift, even in the midst of fear,
pain, and suffering.

Give us love for all people,
especially the most vulnerable,
and help us bear witness to the
truth that every life is worth living.

Grant us the humility to accept
help when we are in need,
and teach us to be merciful to all.

Through our words and actions,
may others encounter the
outstretched hands
of Your mercy.

We ask this through
Christ, our Lord.

·        Offer some other sacrifice, prayer, or act of penance that you feel called to do for today’s intention.



Psalm 56, Verse 3-5

3 My foes treat me harshly all the day; yes, many are my attackers. O Most High, 4 when I am afraid, in you I place my trust. 5 I praise the word of God; I trust in God, I do not FEAR. What can mere flesh do to me?


We must be in the world but not of the world and be fearless. Christ in His Sermon on the Mount taught us how our lifestyle is to be.


1.     Be not afraid but be brave in the world loving even the loveless.

2.     Do not become prideful and self-important but show humility; reverence and respect to all: for they are created by the hand of God.

3.     Do not envy the wicked; but let your desire be to be kind remembering they must account for themselves before God; respect and be loyal to them.

4.     Let your anger be at injustice; showing patience, compassion and forgiveness to the sinner.

5.     Be temperate and do all things in moderation; do not greedily take things to yourself but share your wealth with those in need. Remember to show true charity by helping them with their troubles thus empowering them to become greater; to pursue righteousness.

6.     Do not become slothful or failing to resist evil but be diligent to build the Kingdom of God; one day and one person at a time: begin with yourself.

7.     Do not be gluttonous; avoid excess and exclusivity (the country club mentality) but be temperate; sacrifice, give up and surrender to the Spirit of God.

8.     Do not look on others as objects to be used for lustful needs but see them as created by the hand of God; your chase purpose is to help them achieve God’s dream for them.

Imagine the change in the world if parents used this as the yardstick to train their children.

St. Sebastian[1]

The name of Sebastian is enveloped in a wreath of legends. By birth he was a Milanese. Perhaps the persecutor of Christians had left Milan, or had not yet arrived, or had become momentarily more tolerant. Sebastian believed that here there was no opportunity for combat, or that it had already passed. So, he went to Rome, the scene of bitter opposition arising from the Christians' zeal for the faith. There he suffered; there he gained the crown." St. Sebastian was widely venerated during the Middle Ages, particularly as a protector against the plague. Paul the Deacon relates that in 670 a great pestilence at Rome ceased when an altar was dedicated in his honor. The Breviary account of the saint is highly legendary; in part it reads: "Diocletian tried by every means to turn Sebastian from the faith of Christ. After all efforts had proven fruitless, he ordered him tied to a post and pierced with arrows. When everyone thought him dead, a devout woman named Irene arranged for his burial during the night; finding him still alive, she cared for him in her own house. After his recovery he appeared again before Diocletian and boldly rebuked him for his wickedness. Enraged by the saint's sharp words, the emperor ordered him scourged until he expired. (Remember that in our Lords scourging; He paid particularly for the sins of the flesh) His body was thrown into a sewer."

Things to Do:[2]

·        Read a longer account of St. Sebastian's life.

·        St. Sebastian's Day is marked in Sicily and in Kerala, India with huge celebrations. Try a Sicilian or Kerala dish for dinner tonight in honor of the saint.

·        If you have an athlete in your family teach them the prayer to St. Sebastian.

Litany of St. Sebastian[3]

Lord, have mercy on us!         Christ, have mercy on us!

Lord, have mercy on us!        

Christ hear us!            Christ, graciously hear us!

God, the Father of heaven,                                         Have mercy on us!

God, the Son, Redeemer of the world,                       Have mercy on us!

God, the holy Ghost,                                                               Have mercy on us!

Holy Trinity, one God,                                                           Have mercy on us!

Holy Mary, Queen of Martyrs,                                                           Pray for us.

Saint Sebastian,                                                                                              Pray for us.

Invincible Martyr,                                                                               Pray for us.

Knight, noble by birth and fame,                                            Pray for us.

Glorious warrior and martyr of Christ,                                   Pray for us.

Patron and mirror of Christian soldiers,                                 Pray for us.

Despiser of the world,                                                                        Pray for us.

Conqueror of Satan,                                                                            Pray for us.

Comfort of the dying,                                                                         Pray for us.

Consoler of the afflicted,                                                                    Pray for us.

Announcer of the word of God,                                              Pray for us.

Protector and Patron of countries and cities,              Pray for us.

Saint Sebastian, perfect in virtue and wisdom,          Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, lover of God and men,                         Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, might in word and work,                                  Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, who didst strengthen the Christians in torments and death,                                                                                                                            Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, who didst fortify those wavering in their faith,

Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, who didst encourage the doubting to persevere to the end,                                                                                                                             Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, who, in flamed with love of God, didst despise the pains inflicted by the tyrant,                                                              Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, surrounded by celestial light,                           Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, instructed by the holy Angels,                         Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, giving speech to the dumb,                              Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, who for defending the truth wast wounded by arrows,                                                                                                                                   Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, who wast put to death with clubs,                    Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, who wast crowned with eternal glory,             Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, great intercessor for us with God,                    Pray for us.

St. Sebastian, endowed with power from God to avert pestilence and all contagious diseases,                                                                      Pray for us.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world: Spare us, O Lord!

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world: Graciously hear us, O Lord!

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world: Have mercy on us, O Lord! Christ, hear us! Christ, graciously hear us!

Let us pray. Mercifully look on our weakness, O almighty God; since the weight of our own evil deeds bears us down, may the glorious intercession of Thy blessed martyr Sebastian be our protection Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, Who with Thee and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth, one God, world without end. R. Amen.

Penguin Awareness Day[4] was created to celebrate everybody’s favorite zoo animal! Find out more about penguins, explore what others have to say about penguins, why not visit your local zoo to share the penguin love! You don’t have to wait until Penguin Awareness Day, because penguins can be loved all year long!


Daily Devotions-Nine Days for Life started yesterday

·       Unite in the work of the Porters of St. Joseph by joining them in fasting: Today's Fast: Reparations for offenses and blasphemies against God and the Blessed Virgin Mary

·       Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

·       Offering to the sacred heart of Jesus

·       "Faith cannot save without virtue"

·       Drops of Christ’s Blood

·       Iceman’s 40 devotion

·       Universal Man Plan

·       Rosary




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