Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ezekiel, Chapter 3, Verse 9
Like diamond, harder than flint, I make your brow. Do not be afraid of them, or be terrified by their looks, for they are a rebellious house.

This verse is suggesting that Ezekiel needs to knock heads or confront his adversaries.  At times if we truly love a person, it may be that we may need to confront them. Our love should will the real good of another as other and take action to realize that good. To help make things go right so that the person we love is ultimately becoming the best version of themselves. This was the love of Christ.

According to John Maxwell[1] leaders and followers of Christ need to allow God to shape them into being the kind of person they need to be according to the situation.

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1.      Do the circumstances tell me it is time to move forward?
2.      Are others ready and willing to move?
3.      Is it the right time to make a change?
4.      Do I have a team that has the gifts and influence to lead?
5.      Do we have the opportunity to be successful?
6.      Do we possess the resources to move now?
7.      Am I the right person to lead the way?

If we can answer in the affirmative to the majority of these questions God may be making our brow or will strong to make positive changes in our lives and those around us.

[1] John Maxwell, The Maxwell Leadership Bible, 2002.