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The reason this blog is called "Iceman for Christ" is I was a member of Navel Mobile Construction Battalion that complete construction of the South Pole Station in 1974. At that time there was only one priest in Antarctica and I was asked by him to give the eucharistic to my fellow Catholics at a protestant service celebrated by the Battalion Chaplin on Sundays. At that time only priestly consecrated hands could give the eucharist. There were not eucharist ministers at that time. I was given permission by a letter from the bishop to handled our Lord. Years later I was reading the bible and read "and you shall take me to the ends of the earth." I reflected on it for a second and thought Yes, been there done that. Be not afraid and serve Christ King. Greater is HE; than he who is in the world.

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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Men's Retreat

 On Saturday August 28th hundreds of men will be gathering at Villa De Marie Academy to hear of practical solutions to the great crisis facing our Church and nation.

Visit for details on the speakers, schedule for the day and to register. Check it out today. Space is limited.

  • Men's Retreat
    Men's Retreat
    A day long retreat at Ville de Marie Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mass will begin at 7:00am and the event will end at 6:00pm.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

    The retreat will feature multiple lectures from the Head of the Lepanto Institute, Michael Hichborn. He and local guests will offer practical solutions to the great crises facing our Church and our nation at this time.

    Please make a goodwill offering to receive your ticket via email.  Any donation will buy a ticket.

     "Carthago Delenda Est!"

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