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Friday, October 7, 2016

John, Chapter 11, Verse 36
So the Jews said, “See how he loved him.”

Jesus’ love is this that death is no more; the last enemy has been defeated. The Jews were the witness of this in their exclamation at the raising of Lazarus, “See how he loved him.” One, who has faith, even after death, shall live; one who has faith and is alive will never really die. Of this the restoration of Lazarus is the sign.[1] After the resurrection of Lazarus those in power plotted to kill Jesus because he destroyed the fear of death which was a major tool used by Satan their father to control mankind.

Life a gift[2]

God does not require anyone to pass an exam to merit birth. Life is a gift from our creator via our parents. A child is not a trophy but a gift. Families are a communion of persons essential to understanding love. At the same time, the family home can often be the scene of pain as well. We experience death through the self-taking of the world through greed, manipulation, indulgence, and infatuation, which masquerade as love. Wounded, we begin to shy away from the gift, to be coerced into choosing fear rather than love. Attacks on marriage and the family, such as same-sex unions, no fault-divorce, free love, cohabitation, pornography, and adultery are attacks on love itself and the very identity of the human person. Healing means returning to the original form of love we were meant to learn as children. The gift of self makes love visible. As long as conflicts/anger is buried, they do not heal. Yet our hearts long for love which is our first memory. Love is the authentic surrender of self for the good of the other. A fundamental truth of Christ and the Catholic Church is this “Culture of Life” which stems from love.

[1] The Collegeville Bible Commentary
[2] J. Brian Bransfield, Living the Beatitudes-A Journey to Life in Christ.

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