The Ultimate Trial that will Shake the Faith of Many



Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles.
(Isaiah 40:31)

Throughout salvation history, there have been times when forces who lust for power (and who oppose God) will rise up and seize control. What is it that has signaled to these evil tyrannical power mongers that their time has come to move in and take control? It has always been times when the faith of Christians has grown weak.

There is no doubt we are currently living in diabolically influenced times. This, while Godless leaders in our nation have usurped the phrase, “This is a battle for the soul of America.” Yes, they seek to seize the soul of America as they seek to enact a plethora of laws and norms that oppose God, such as unrestricted abortion up to birth; as they refuse to protect life even at birth; as they war against the nuclear family; as they seek the expansion of euthanasia; as they espouse a complete denial of God’s creation of male and female which is based upon biological fact and natural law; as they seek the indoctrination of our children in our schools and libraries; as they seek to remove our religious freedoms.

Those who wish to evangelize (indoctrinate) the world into their pagan counter-religion – that greatly resembles the days of worshiping Baal – know that they must secure the levers of power and influence in order to succeed. In our times, finding little to no resistance, virtually all levers of power and influence have been captured by this radical pagan counter-religion.

So aggressive is this campaign, that we are seeing very open and hostile verbal, legal and even physical attacks on those who oppose this pagan counter-religion based upon millennia of biblically based religious beliefs. Believers in God’s absolute and undeniable Truth are under attack as never before, even from many religious leaders. No longer is religious persecution something that happens only in other countries; it is being manifested in our own nation.


It’s Time for Heroes to Rise Up in Hope and Soar Like Eagles!

Yes!! This is a battle for the soul of America!! How easy it can be for us to collapse in despair in the face of this brutal historic tyranny. No!! It’s time for us to renew our strength and courageously rise up in hope! It’s time for us to accept our call to be heroes in our time. It’s time to soar like eagles!!

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles.
(Isaiah 40:31)

So, what can or should we do?

In Hope, let’s unite with tens of thousands of prayer warriors!

In Hope, let’s lean into our spiritual strength training! We cannot do this under our own strength, we can only do this under supernatural strength.

In Hope, let’s do everything we can to restore this great country of ours as “One Nation Under God” once again!

Please Join Novena for Our Nation!!

So, we are calling all HOPEFUL Catholics to join in a powerful campaign of spiritual warfare entitled, “Novena for Our Nation” – August 15 to October 7. We have prayed this miraculous 54-day rosary novena every year at this time since 2016, and we have witnessed countless miracles.

We will also be including the very powerful “Lorica of St. Patrick” prayer to increase our supernatural strength and to counter spiritual attacks.

Also, in a spirit of hope, we will pray a 9-day Novena to St. Jude in the days leading up to the feast of St. Jude (October 28), which also coincides with the conclusion of the “Synod on Synodality.” St. Jude is the Patron Saint of Hope and impossible causes.

Enlist in the United States Grace Force!!

Novena for Our Nation has since formed the United States Grace Force which has grown to nearly 80,000 Special Forces Prayer Warriors, and we want to get larger and stronger!!

The motto for the United States Grace Force is Per Virtutem Pax (Peace through Strength). The Grace Force adheres to this ancient maxim:

“We maintain the peace through our strength;
weakness only invites aggression.”

This 54-day prayer campaign is also a Basic Training in Holiness. Each day, along with praying your rosary, holiness trainees will be provided with a 1-2 minute reflection on the qualities of excellence. The first 27 days, trainees will read from passages in scripture, quotes from saints and the catechism on one of the following: Theological Virtues, Cardinal Virtues, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. The second 27 days will be excerpts from the book entitled, Church Militant Field Manual: Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ.

The daily reflections for this prayer and training campaign can be found in multiple places.

1) You can sign up to receive the 54 Day Rosary prayers with daily reflection in your email. Click Here to Sign Up.

2) You can join the United State Grace Force Facebook group HERE, to receive the reflections each day.


(Please recruit family and friends to enlist!)

Click on the medallion (just below) to JOIN
Novena for Our Nation!

Cardinal Burke has joined in calling us all to get in the fight …

“There is no question that we are living in the most troubled times. Fundamental truths about human life about marriage and the family and about the conscience are being called into question by threatening the lives of individuals and of our society. But we are full of courage because we know that our Lord is with us. He’s called us to be His soldiers on the ground, working with Him for the salvation of the world.


There is a 54 day Novena beginning on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary which will be completed on October 7. Your prayer would be even more efficacious if you would also take part in that 54 day Novena.”


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